onsdag 21 juli 2010

"Boer hating Swede living in SA"


Senast jag egogoolgade hittade jag följande notis på ett forum för nazistiska Svenska Motståndsrörelsen. Inlägget skrevs efter att SMR marscherat i Stockholm för att hedra den mördade AWB-ledaren Eugene Terre'Blanche. Expressens Johannes Forssberg beskrivs också som en boer-hater i forumet.

Boer hating Swede living in SA
Inskickad: 2010 04 17

Tor Billgren, a Swede living in SA, ridicules on his blog the SMR and the Swedish demonstrators because the green part of the Transvaal flag is to dark and goes on saying that white/Boer are NOT persecuted-- specific targets for crimes committed by blacks in SA. He lives in Western Cape and makes a point out knowing the “real facts” in SA.

He also writes that the future in SA in bright and it will be a paradise in 2060, because then "the colors of the skin" want matter anymore.

We're truly sorry that such an ignorant and bad excuse for a Swede lives in SA.
We promise you that the majority of the Swedish people aren’t either haters of the Boer-- ignorant idiots.

/Swedish friends of the Boer people

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